An Easter Anniversary…Like Haley’s Comet

Apparently this will only happen once every 600 years or so…our Anniversary this year falls on Easter Sunday. And, in addition to it falling on Easter, our 23rd anniversary falls on the 23rd of March. Of course, since we were married on the 23rd of March, it’s always the same day :-). But, this year is the only year where all three will fall together. It’s kind of like the Perfect Storm…but NOT ;-). It’s like the Perfect Celebration! On a day that we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, we get to celebrate the fact that Christ was not only resurrected so we could be reconciled to God but that He thought enough of me to give me the perfect gift on this earth, my wife Sue.

As you will be able to tell, most of our blogging as a family will be from my perspective (Jeff). I am more the writer but Sue holds most of the wisdom. I’ll try to get her to share once in a while. So, the perspective on our life together as we celebrate 23 years together is mine.

At FamilyLife’s Weekend to Remember conference, we learned two things that we still embrace today: First, my mate is NOT my enemy and, second, a marriage is a covenant where it can only succeed when each party gives 100% vs. the world’s 50/50 perspective. Ashamedly, there have been times that my words and actions have reflected an enemy mentality toward Sue. And, I know there have been overt thoughts that I didn’t think she was carrying her weight in our relationship. Yet, as we have grown closer to the Lord over the years, we’ve also grown closer to each other and today, as we joyfully celebrate 23 years as husband and wife, I can honestly say Sue is my best friend. I can’t think of life without her. She is God’s perfect gift for me and she complements (and compliments 😉 me completely. Of course, it is that complementary relationship that often causes friction and conflict. Thankfully, we’ve learned how to get better at resolving our conflicts and seeing our differences as being beneficial to helping us grow closer because God made us one on that day 23 years ago. And, God knew what He was doing even when we weren’t sure.

I could go on and on, bragging as I’m blogging about my wonderful wife. She has put up with a lot of things that I’ve put upon her over the years. Through it all, she has made me a better man, father and husband. Obviously, working alongside the Lord, she still has a lot of work to do, but I look forward to the days of working together on my weaknesses! We may not have much to show in the area of financial means (though God has always provided), we are a living example that we are rich in the Lord and in each other.

So, on this day when we celebrate as Followers of Christ, I get the extra special joy of celebrating 23 years with my best friend and lover–my wife, Sue. God…thank you most of all for sending your Son, Jesus Christ, to redeem my life and allow me the joy of knowing you through Him AND for sending your child, Sue to me to give me life on this earth as my perfect gift and helpmate! This fusion of Easter, Anniversary and # of years celebrated will never happen again! Interesting to think about that we are actually at a “once in a lifetime” event. But, the relationship represented by each impacts us daily. Christ’s resurrection fuels our purpose. Our life together represented by the annual celebration of our Anniversary continues to grow into a deeper and more penetrating love for each other and the years will continue to increase as long as we have breath of life and until we stand before Christ in Heaven….which brings us back around to the purpose of Easter. It truly is a Perfect Celebration! Thank you, God, for this special and unique day!


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