Though I walk through the shadows of the Death Valley…I will fear no evil

Well, I am approaching the eve of a trip that I can honestly say I never thought, dreamed or even wanted to take.  A friend of mine approached me about 6 months ago with the thought of going to hike and 4WD in Death Valley for 8 days.  I have only been camping overnight probably three or four times in my life.  So, it was a quick “no thanks”.  But he is a persuasive one and when he and another friend generously offered to help with expenses, my last (and, quite frankly bullet proof, or so I thought) excuse was vaporized.  So, the words that came out weren’t “no thanks” but “sure, why not?”  Very un-Jeff like.  Well, those months have passed and tomorrow I fly out from Little Rock using the last of my frequent flyer miles to meet the “posse” and drive from Las Vegas to Death Valley to begin our adventure.  I’m praying that the use of the remaining frequent flier miles isn’t an omen on ever needing them again :-).  Oh, I trust my friends.  But, I’m not sure I trust myself.

Unfortunately, the only real trouble with the timing of the trip is that it falls so close to our daughters graduation and preparation has begun (you know the drill–addressing graduation announcements, getting dresses for prom, signing up for all the graduation related activities, arranging family visits, etc).  So, my lovely and talented wife Sue will be doing a lot of it without my help.  Sorry, honey.
Well, in a few hours I’ll be off.  I’ll let you know how it goes IF I return :-).  I will have some pix, some video and maybe even a story or two.  Until I return…
Solia Deo Gloria

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