57 Years and Still Going Strong

Today marks the 57th anniversary of my wife’s parents. Wow. 57 years…TOGETHER. In a day and age of divorce and family destruction, they have been a model of commitment and devotion to God and each other.

57 years! 1951…before Elvis and the Beatles, microwaves, PC’s and cell phones, space shuttles and lunar landings, Watergate and Monicagate, CD’s, DVD’s, Blue-Ray and Tivo, wireless and the internet, stunning Olympic losses in basketball and exhilirating Olympic victories in hockey, Mark Spitz or Mary Lou Retton, Star Wars or The Godfather and so many other things. What started with “I do” 57 years ago has resulted in a legacy to our family. They are an example of marital commitment as God intended for marriage and what it means to stay together through good times and bad, sickness and health, trials and triumphs. And, I love them as if they were my parents.

They have lived out lives of integrity and love to those who know them. I’ve seen them stand by their children during difficult times, stepping in to provide help, gave us a car, have stood by us prayerfully and financially in supporting our ministry at FamilyLife. They personify the reality of why we have given our lives to a marriage and family ministry.

So, today I just wanted to honor them by telling them how much they mean to me, how much they have shown me about what it means to love and serve each other and their family. No, they aren’t perfect. But, they are real and they have loved me as their own. So, HAPPY 57th ANNIVERSARY, Mom and Dad Carlson. We pray God shines his face on you as you celebrate this momentous day. WE LOVE YOU!


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