One off…one to go

After three times of saying good-bye to my son as he heads to college you’d think all the emotion would be gone. But, as I watched him drive away again, I was reminded what a gift children are. He’s the embodiment of God’s love for us and the love Sue and I have for each other. As Sue and I have often said to each other during this time, “it’s right but it’s not easy”. So, he’s heading up to JBU to help with orientation of the freshman incoming class this weekend. One of those freshman will be his sister, Erin.

We’re down to a couple of days left with her. I took her out to lunch yesterday. We had to try out the new restaurant in Little Rock—Copelands. It’s a New Orleans style cajun food eatery. It was GOOOOOOOD. I just enjoyed sitting across the table, chatting about a number of different things and gazing at her and marveling what a beautiful, mature young woman she’s become. Didn’t feel teary until we drove home in silence together and I thought how different it would be each day without her. She loves sports like I do so watching football on Sunday’s won’t be as fun. Following the progress of the Twins will be done from a distance. I am thankful for technology that will allow us to stay closer more frequently. But…it’s not the same. Again, children are a gift from God! Thank you, God, for our children. Though we will miss Bryan and Erin tremendously on a day to day basis, we still get the joy of pouring into our youngest child, Jaclyn. She is a joy. I don’t even want to think about that day two years from now when all three will be going somewhere. Oh well…that’s why we raise ’em…to let em go.

It’s right…but it’s still hard.


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