Pray for Fireproof

I put together some of the things that God brought to my mind that we can be praying about as the movie Fireproof opens in more than 800 theaters nationwide this Friday, September 26. So, for what it’s worth, maybe these will help stir ways you can pray this week for those who see this movie!

Prayer time for Fireproof

– Pray for the attendees that are going
– Pray for the theater staff and management
– Pray for the churches that have stood beside this so that they can follow up with those who experience connection and need hope and help
– Pray for FL and how we can continue to reach out to those who now realize that there is hope for their marriage
– Pray that youth would go so that they get an idea that even difficult marriages can be redeemed
– Pray that the gospel message would cause many to accept Christ or become more inquisitive about what that looks like for them.
– Pray that Believers would stand in the gap, both for Christ by being bold in proclaiming the truth in love and grace and for marriages. I pray the impact on “church” marriages would be significantly impacted by seeing this movie and knowing of God’s plan for marriages. The easy way is not God’s way. How can we speak for marriages when the divorce rate by stated churchgoer’s is as high or higher than for those who don’t go to church (I know there is a debate about this statistic when you slice it down to “true” believers, evangelicals, marginal Christians, etc…fact is that it’s too high ALL over).
– Pray that this shows that we are much more about what a marriage should look like instead of the general portrayal that we care more about what marriages are NOT.
– Pray for the resource, Love Dare, and that God would use this tool as a great “so what” next step resource.
– MOSTLY, pray that God is glorified as He is ultimately the creator and guardian of godly marriages.

UPDATED for requests from Provident:
– Pray for the Northeast US which sometimes has difficulty in accepting faith-based films and with the population base, it’s a critical part of the country for determining ongoing showings
– Pray for the Houston area…due to the damage from Hurricane Ike, Provident tried to get the opening date moved back but the theaters wouldn’t let them so pray that many will need the break from cleanup and issues they are dealing with and will spend a night getting out by going to Fireproof. And, of course, continue to pray for those who have been impacted by Hurricane Ike, for the relief efforts and the quick restoration back to some normalcy for so many people.
– Also, with a movie like this there tends to be a split in those who want to go and those who don’t or are less interested. So, pray for likemindedness when husbands and wives talk about going.


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