Is Change what we REALLY need?

I was driving to the offices of FamilyLife this morning (Sat) to pick up some things I forgot at work. I chose to take a scenic way. There’s a windy road that goes through the west part of Little Rock and heads into some hilly country. Then, as the road winds though a tree lined path of upper class neighborhoods, it opens up to a beautiful view of the northwest part of the city. You can see for miles and the color of the changing leaves on a sea of trees was beautiful. I love this time of year. Everyone loves the leaves as they change twice each year…first from buds to lush green in the spring and then in their transition to dormancy as they flash brilliant shades of red, yellow, orange and gold. In this case change is good.

Can you think of anywhere else or under any circumstance where we’re hearing about change? Like ALL THE TIME! I don’t know about you but I’ll be very happy when there is a change in the touting of change. It sure sounds good, doesn’t it? Everything is, “Change! We need change!” I guess sometimes I need change…like this morning when I had to pay to put air in one tire, I needed change…seventy five cents!!! By the way, what is that anyway…paying for air. Might as well put a hose next to the “pay for air” box that is hooked up to a faucet where you can pay to get a drink of water.

Well, I’m tired of hearing about change. Wanna know why? Because, I don’t believe it. I just don’t buy the rhetoric. Great for sound bites. But, I just heard that one of the candidates is now beginning to change his message to “well, we won’t be able to make changes in the first 100 days…it’s the first 1,000 that matter.” Hmmm…didn’t see that coming…yawn.

Actually there are a lot of things that I DON’T want changed. Like my ability to freely worship God. Or the value that we’ve placed on important things in this country since it was founded, like HUMAN LIFE. I’m talking about INNOCENT human life. Or, the fact that there was a perfectly good institution called marriage that didn’t or doesn’t need change. It was fine as designed by God. We may have screwed it up a lot by not knowing how to make it work but changing the definition of it is NOT the answer. Most of all, in the midst of all the craziness…talk of potential assassination’s, rioting, more divisiveness, socialism reigning as our form of government (and BEING OK WITH THAT)…I am comforted that there is ONE who NEVER CHANGES.

When I wake up on November 5, there will be change, no matter what I want to happen. There will be a new president ready to take office. If my hope for my future, my families’ future and the future of people of all races and nations rests on who that is, WE ARE IN BIG TROUBLE, whoever it is. There is no way a man can create the necessary change where it matters most…in the heart of you and me. That is God’s job. And, God doesn’t change. Thankfully. He created change, yet He didn’t…change.

So, I can still enjoy the leaves changing, gathering change from under the couch cushions to put air in my tires, watching my children and circumstances change while all the while God doesn’t. He’s the same today as He was yesterday and as He will be tomorrow and forever more.

Time to go change my clothes…another situation where change is good.


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