Off to MN

Well, I’m sitting in the Little Rock airport ready to board a plane to Atlanta. Which seems strange because I eventually will end up in MN. I’m no geography genius but this isn’t the most direct route available, I assume. Ah, such is the glamour of travel.

I just wanted to provide a quick update while I sat and gazed at the interesting people that fly. It’s always interesting to me to consider the many different agendas and plans that people are waiting to embark on as they await their flight to ignite those plans. And, they’re all encumbent upon that piece of aluminum and steel defying gravity and soaring above the clouds, then eventually beginning to descend and finally land on two relatively small wheels with a braking and reverse thrust system designed to stop that torpedo with passengers in a relatively short distance. I am amazed at all the technology that needs to work to precision to get me to my desired destination, not the least of which is the fact that someone, somewhere, somehow thought that an object could stay airborn with the right thrust and aerodynamic design AND carry people from one place to another. Amazing. I just pray that the technology that is in place still works today!

So, I’m off to MN to attend a men’s conference where ministries from around the country get together to share notes, stories and ministry with each other all for the purpose of igniting men’s movements everywhere.

Please pray for my trip, for technology and for temperature mercy (I’m going from 60’s to 30’s and 40’s). Though I’m from MN my body is now getting acclimated to southern warmth!

I’ll update throughout the week so that the throng of blog followers I have will be able to stay tuned…all 1 or 2 of you 🙂


One thought on “Off to MN

  1. Dan, Becky, Matthew, Trent, Toby and Bethany

    Hope to see you while you’re in town so it would be good if that plane thing could work out…

    🙂 Dan Hay


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