Still Learning after all these years

I just had a great week with my wife in Orlando. It was a mix of work and pleasure…well, kind of. We worked on some things that we just don’t get to at home. And, during our time together, some things that were still not working for us caused us some pain as a couple. We’ll get through them but these are the same issues we’ve been dealing with for so many years. I feel like such a failure some times. Most of these problems are my doing. It’s either because I couldn’t say “no”, I said “yes” when I should have said “no” or just didn’t think and did it. In any case, it still has caused some major trauma. Yet, despite it all, I know that my wife loves me, is going to stick by me and we’ll get this ship turned around.

This whole situation reminded me of God’s constant love for me even in the middle of constant screw ups. I’m so glad for a forgiving Savior.

How about you? Are there some things that keep coming up in your life that you need God’s promise of grace to remind you that He’s not done with you yet? Then, can you see the Holy Spirit working inside you to change you?


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