When Pondering and Planning Meet

From a guest writer, friend of mine, Steve:


The chapter readings for today were Acts 2 and Psalm 111.  The key verse for me that linked them together was Psalm 111.2, “Great are the works of the Lord; they are pondered by all who delight in them.”

What does it mean to “ponder the works of the Lord”?  Obviously, to think about them, to consider their importance, just as Mary “pondered all these things in her heart” regarding the foretold birth of Christ.

Do we truly ponder the works of the Lord in our lives?  How often do we kneel before the creator of the universe and consider how He is working in our lives?  If I were to be brutally honest, the answer is rarely.  Applying the remainder of verse 2, that means in practical  terms that I don’t delight in His works in my life.  I do not rejoice in how God moves daily in the mundane moments of my life, because I rarely consider how He does that, or even that he does at all.  Instead, I reckon those moments that do occasionally capture my attention as either chance or the success of my own endeavor.  If I am truly a believer, they are neither chance or my own success. They are evidence of His ongoing efforts to work in me and through me to advance the kingdom, despite my lack of fitness to the task.

How does that fit into our life plan[ning] endeavor?  As we’ve discussed, this is as much an effort to submit our lives to the leading of the holy spirit and the lordship of Christ as it is an attempt to get organized.  By allowing the spirit to provide focus in key, high impact areas of my daily existence, I open my spiritual eyes to God’s continual work in me.  By periodically reviewing the results of my response to the spirit’s leading, I provide myself the opportunity to ponder his works, and my cooperation with or disobedience to them.  My hope is that I will come to rejoice in how I see Him working, and will see wisdom expand in my life as I come to fear (awe, respect, and revere) him more.


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