Spring = New Start

(as posted on the DadPad)

Waking up to the melody of birds chirping and seeing those beautiful weeds flowerpopping up just ahead of the grass turning green reminds us that Spring is here. Spring is the season of newness. What has been dormant begins to come alive. Even those pesky weeds indicate new life.

Maybe there are a number of you that have read our DadPad posts and think to yourself, “That’s all great stuff and I wish I HAD been more loving, expressive, intentional and a stronger spiritual leader in my fathering. But, my kids are grown or don’t live with me anymore. So, thanks for the advice DadPad, but it doesn’t apply to me.” Nonsense! Spring reminds us that it doesn’t have to be too late. Whether you’re dealing with separation from your child due to divorce or a child who doesn’t live at home any longer, as long as you’re breathing and reading this, you can begin anew.

DadPad is a collective effort between regular guys who’ve screwed up, tried again, got some things right and, screwed up again. We want to open up our lives with some humor and share whatever little advice we can from our less than perfect lives. Yet, if that’s all we offered, you would be right in feeling, “funny story–sound advice—doesn’t apply to me”. However, our experiences are all framed in the truth that there is Someone infinitely greater than us who makes things new! Our Creator God. God is the author of life. His Word gives us daily instruction on living, even coping, on this earth. If there is any hope at all, it isn’t in our combined wisdom as men and fathers. It is in the hope that we’ve all found in the arms of our Heavenly Father. And, His Word tells us that His mercies are NEW every day. So, again I say, “Nonsense” to you who think it’s too late.

So, dad, maybe you don’t see Spring yet in your “neck of the woods (yee haw J)” but it will come. For some, it’s here! Whether you observe it now or not, flowers will bloom, grass (or weeds) will grow, birds will chirp, you will argue with your neighbor over who has to mow that strip of grass between your homes. Spring is here. But, more importantly, being a dad is NEVER over. Pick up the phone. Write a letter. Drive the miles necessary to grab the face of your child and, with tears streaming down both your cheeks, tell them you love them. If you need to, tell them you’re sorry. Tell them it’s time to start a new chapter in your father/child relationship. Spring is God’s way of reminding us that relationships can be restored and be made new.  You can do it, dad!

And, if you want to talk to any of us about our relationship with God, please send us an email at adadpad@gmail.com. It’s never too late for that relationship to begin or be restored either.


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