Well, it was a good idea…maybe.  Though we didn’t anticipate much participation we certainly thought we would be able to at least produce our first live webcast from our home.  Having successfully tested the free Livestream online video application the day before, there wasn’t any reason to believe that we would run into difficulty doing a simple video shoot.  But, there was.  So, after sending out over 300 invitations and creating an event on Facebook, the event never quite took off.  I’m sure we were live for a while but the audio created feedback loops that we couldn’t resolve.  A friend of mines son who is proficient in video was here to help but neither one of us could figure out where the feedback was coming from.  We’ll try again this weekend with the hope of getting something recorded to put on the AbesTV channel for viewing at the viewers convenience.

If you were one who tried to “dial in” and saw only our attempt to rectify the audio problems, our apologies.  Hopefully, we’ll get it figured out.


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