CSU Update – Days 4-6

Given that the actual conference doesn’t officially start until this evenings “county fair” event, there hasn’t been a whole lot to journal.  Here are a few highlights of the last few days:

  • Sue and Jaclyn had a chance to experience the “wild west” on some slow and deliberate horses in Estes Park. 
  • We helped set up the FamilyLife booth that will be open to the rest of the Crusade staff most of the time during the conference.  The intent of the booth is to provide other Campus ministries a taste of what is happening at FamilyLife and what resources are available to help them in their marriages and ministries.
  • Trying out some of the restaurants near our hotel.
  • Enjoying the wonderful scenery and time together as a family.  Though she’s been a good sport, I’m sure Jaclyn will really enjoy itWildBoar Coffee even more when the conference starts so she can gather with her “homies” :). 
  • Finding interesting places to write, think and prepare for my upcoming seminar.  I will be co-leading a seminar on using Social Media/Networking tools to share the love and truth of Christ with a whole new generation of people.  Currently, I’m sitting at a coffee shop that was meant to make me feel like I was back in the “Razorback” nation–The Wild Boar Coffee shop  (see pic)
  • Major storm last night in Fort Collins with over 2 inches of rain with some hail in about 2 hours.  Drying out this morning/afternoon.
  • Sue’s doing the laundry today.  Pretty riveting stuff.  Would take a picture but not sure she would appreciate that much so I’ll keep it to text ;).

So, that’s about it.  Ready to begin the conference tonight at the “fair”.  The parking lot of Moby Arena is cordoned off so they can turn it into a “county fair” feel.  Some rides, carnival food and a place where we can all connect and fellowship to kick off the Conference.

By the way, if you want to follow along with some of the conference, you can check back here regularly (I’ll try to post some pics and maybe even some video), check out the CCC Conference Facebook Page or follow on Twitter.


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