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Standing Strong in the Midst of the Storm

From Dennis Rainey as shared at our last FamilyLife all staff day of prayer:

Nik Ripken…discovered 11 characteristics of followers of Christ who remained faithful during persecution:

  1. Know Jesus
  2. Know the power of prayer and fasting
  3. Can recite large portions of the Bible by memory
  4. Know large amounts of heart music from by memory
  5. Know that people are praying for them
  6. Know that local people are caring for their families
  7. Know that their suffering is for Jesus sake
  8. Know that their persecution is NORMAL
  9. Have claimed their freedom
  10. Have lost their fear
  11. Have a heritage of faith

This is a GREAT list to keep with you.  Here’s the “so what”…which of these will likely shipwreck me because they aren’t fortified in my heart, soul and mind?  How about you?


“Power without the price”

AtariI ran across this old slogan from Atari that came out when I was just a weee lad–“Power without the price”. Kind of catchy. Maybe the reason it worked is because it mirrors how we would like to go through life.  We want the power without the price. Don’t you think most of the greed we see that has precipitated much of the economic climate we are facing stems from this very concept? Not only is this evident in gaining economic power but, sadly, it’s too prevalent in the minds of Christ-followers. Gaining the power is desirable but paying the price is not.

As we go deeper into the pre-Easter season (lent), I’m going to think about areas in my life where I really want the Power (aka the Holy Spirit) that comes from being a follower of Christ but avoid the price that it takes to get it. Then, I’m going to ask for the Power to overcome my propensity to want to gain spiritual victory without a requisite cost.  For me, it’s a paradox. It’s in the phrase “die to live”. The antithesis of “power without the price”. For King David, it was a lifestyle, “But King David said to Ornan, “No, but I will buy them for the full price. I will not take for the Lord what is yours, nor offer burnt offerings that cost me nothing.” (I Chron 21:24, ESV)

How about you? Are there areas of your life that you want the gusto without the cost? The joy without the pain? Are you holding onto anything so tightly that when God begins to take it away it hurts? There is nothing worth gaining that doesn’t cost something. Jesus was our model. As we enter into the celebration of Easter, we have to go through the crucifixion. There is NO power without the price.