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Christmas Hangover

In my late teens and early 20’s, Saturday’s used to be pretty ugly for me.  Mornings especially.  Without going into too much detail, let’s just say that it had a lot to do with my antics the night before.

While I no longer participate in those kind of festivities I’m feeling a little hungover today.  Sue’s parents just left and the enjoyment of their presence leaves me a little “hungover” this morning.  And, when I recount the laughs and enjoyment we’ve had as a family the last few days, I’m a little contemplative and melancholy.  I guess it’s like this every year.  We hustle and bustle our way into December 25 with so many things, including a lot of good things and then it passes leaving us a little forlorn.  Maybe that’s why the holiday season is so full of emotion on both ends of the spectrum.  So many highs but also a few lows.  And, for some, not a season of joy at all.

Those of us who follow Christ write, speak and share a lot about the “reason for the season”.  It helps keep things in perspective, at least for me.  In fact, it’s really the only cure for this hangover, isn’t it?  Aspirin won’t work.  Buying more stuff on sale with gift cards and cash received won’t do it.  Having relatives stay longer isn’t a real good idea if you want the good feeling to last ;-).  But, when all the dust settles, Christ still remains.  He is the One who won’t leave me lacking or wishing for something else.  He is the One that fills all of those longings.

So, I’ll be a little mellower today (until I have to pay bills ;), a little more sullen.  That’s OK.  That’s the Christmas hangover.  In the middle of it all, it drives me back to the depth of my desire.  It’s not in gifts, family, great deal finds or even church gatherings.  It’s solely my relationship with Jesus…the Christ-child.  Thanks, God, for being my “hangover” medication.