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CSU – Day 7 (Wed, July 22)

As I stated in the first of these *cough*cough regular journal entries re. our CSU 09 experience, daily entries are a challenge.  Grade: D.  I’ll try to do some catch up here.

Day 1 of the conference:

  • Tim Keller spoke to us in the morning.  A great message entitled The Gospel In You (listen by clicking the title)
  • Later in the afternoon, Tim Keller held a special session re. Gospel Poor and a follow on Q&A session
  • Steve Sellers, Campus Crusade’s President of US Ministries addressed the throng with the message, Embracing the Culture of Our Calling
  • Throughout Steve’s message, tremendous stories of those who are leaving a lasting legacy for Kingdom impact were shared (listen here)
  • In addition to these events, I (Jeff) participated in our first online push to use Social Networking tools DURING the conference.  I was part of a team that monitored Twitter feeds, Facebook updates and Text Messages that came in during the morning session.  We had the chance to share some fun, interesting and powerful messages the staff was sharing live.  It was a privilege to participate (even got my ugly mug on the big jumbo-tron screen :).

Some photos from Day 1:

Me and the Tweetdeck team at CSU 2009

Emcees Bob and Rebecca with CCC Co-founder Vonette Bright

Those were the highlights for day 1 of the US Staff conference.  We’ve been able to connect with some wonderful friends that we’ve made who are on staff with CCC in other ministries as well as some of our friends at FamilyLife that we don’t see regularly.  Day 1 was a success!


CSU Update – Days 4-6

Given that the actual conference doesn’t officially start until this evenings “county fair” event, there hasn’t been a whole lot to journal.  Here are a few highlights of the last few days:

  • Sue and Jaclyn had a chance to experience the “wild west” on some slow and deliberate horses in Estes Park. 
  • We helped set up the FamilyLife booth that will be open to the rest of the Crusade staff most of the time during the conference.  The intent of the booth is to provide other Campus ministries a taste of what is happening at FamilyLife and what resources are available to help them in their marriages and ministries.
  • Trying out some of the restaurants near our hotel.
  • Enjoying the wonderful scenery and time together as a family.  Though she’s been a good sport, I’m sure Jaclyn will really enjoy itWildBoar Coffee even more when the conference starts so she can gather with her “homies” :). 
  • Finding interesting places to write, think and prepare for my upcoming seminar.  I will be co-leading a seminar on using Social Media/Networking tools to share the love and truth of Christ with a whole new generation of people.  Currently, I’m sitting at a coffee shop that was meant to make me feel like I was back in the “Razorback” nation–The Wild Boar Coffee shop  (see pic)
  • Major storm last night in Fort Collins with over 2 inches of rain with some hail in about 2 hours.  Drying out this morning/afternoon.
  • Sue’s doing the laundry today.  Pretty riveting stuff.  Would take a picture but not sure she would appreciate that much so I’ll keep it to text ;).

So, that’s about it.  Ready to begin the conference tonight at the “fair”.  The parking lot of Moby Arena is cordoned off so they can turn it into a “county fair” feel.  Some rides, carnival food and a place where we can all connect and fellowship to kick off the Conference.

By the way, if you want to follow along with some of the conference, you can check back here regularly (I’ll try to post some pics and maybe even some video), check out the CCC Conference Facebook Page or follow on Twitter.

CSU 2009 – Days 1-3

Journaling and I haven’t been fond friends over the years.  Maybe this time it will be different.  I thought I’d try to give some updates on our CSU trip this year.  For those of you who don’t know what this trip is all about, let me fill you in.

Every two years most of Campus Crusades US Staff members converge on the campus of Colorado State University
View Larger Map (thus, CSU) to participate in the bi-annual staff conference.  During the 9 days of the conference there are various times of corporate gatherings, team meetings, seminars and down time.  All of it is designed to refresh the staff and recast the vision that sometimes gets lost in the daily battle.  The vision that compelled most of us to leave our family and friends and, sometimes, our careers, to invest our lives fulltime in providing the world with the hope only found in and through Jesus Christ.  In our case, it’s been through the ministry of FamilyLife (a division of Campus Crusade for Christ).  FamilyLife’s mission is to effectively develop Godly marriages and families that change the world for Christ one home at a time.  It also serves as a gathering point for many of the ministries that don’t see each other much because they are field staff on location at their various ministry designations.

At CSU we get a chance to worship God through powerful musical praise times, impactful teaching (this year Tim Keller is our keynote speaker during the first two days of the conference) and other times of connecting and fellowshiping with other like-minded Brothers and Sisters in Christ of all ages, races and denominations.  We get to see friends that we haven’t seen for a long time (often it’s since the last CSU) or those who have left one ministry of Crusade to join another within Crusade.  In any case, it’s a time of fun, fellowship and personal growth.   By the way, if you’re interested you can follow along on the general haps at CSU on Twitter (you have to have a Twitter acct) or on Facebook.  For Twitter users click this tag: #csutweetup09 For Facebook users, follow by clicking here: Global Christian Blogference)

Our journey….

Our trip started a little early this year.  We left on Thursday, Jul 16.  The conference doesn’t officially kick off until Tuesday, July 21.  I’m co-leading one of the 15 seminars that will be offered during the week so I came up to prepare for that as well as help set up and be available as part of the CSU design team that I helped with this year.

We drove a little more than 800 miles the first night and stayed over in Colby, KS (no, there was no cheese that I found).  After a restless night’s sleep, we got up and headed for Fort Collins.  We arrived a little after noon.  Unable to check in, we met some friends for lunch.  A View of CSU campus from our hotel locationWe went to downtown Fort Collins during the afternoon as well.  It’s a wonderful downtown area with a lot of shops and places to eat.  For those who experienced Woodstock, there is an overriding sense of being in the 60’s throughout much of the city.  Plenty of old VW vans riding aroA view of our hotel room und town.   Then, Sue and Jaclyn went back to the motel after checking in and I went to help set up the electrical connections in the ministry fair booth (not quite as impressive as it might sound…I laid extension cords so that each booth had a cord available).   Last night was a pretty uneventful night as we had dinner and then crashed in our hotel.

This morning we enjoyed the hotel breakfast and then Jaclyn and Sue went on the one event we would categorize as a “vacation item”.  They went horseback riding.  I’m here writing this blog and preparing for my seminar next week.  Later in the trip, Jaclyn and I will ride the waves (whitewater rafting).  Hopefully, I will stay in the raft this year and avoid the blackened bottom I sustained on a large river boulder two years ago.  In the meantime, I’ll jot down some of the things we are doing, learning and experiencing during this time at CSU.  Thank you for your prayers.  Specifically please pray that:

  • We would hear from God during this time.  There are some significant things we are making decisions about and we need God’s direction.
  • Our time with each other as a family (this is the last CSU that we will experience with any of our children)
  • our family not with us will experience God’s presence (Erin in North Carolina where she is working at a KOA Kamp and ministering to the campers as well and Bryan who is visiting a long time friend in Chicago and then will be holding down the fort (Fort Abramovitz, not Collins) until we return.
  • the seminar I will be co-leading would provide valuable information and would be well attended, or at least, well received.
  • Our vehicle will hold up.  It’s our newest vehicle and it’s been a blessing but we’ve already put on more than 14,000 miles in 4 months.

Until tomorrow…