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Knee Pads Required

Growing up in a home that was irreligious (not anti-Christian, just no evidence of faith lived out), the practices of faith were never expressed in a way that I would catch them.  Prayer was not an everyday practice except for the mealtime ritual speed mumbling of “Come Lord Jesus, be our guest.  And let thesekneeling-silhouette gifts to us be blessed. Amen”.  We usually said that so fast that I don’t know if I really knew what I was praying until I just wrote them above.  It sounded more like, “Comelordjesus be-r-guest andletthesegiftstousbeblessed.  Amen.”

Needless to say, the power of this prayer was probably lost in translation. When I came to a personal relationship with Christ at the ripe age of 17, I began to understand the part Prayer played (and plays) in a relationship with God.

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In the Blink of an Eye & A Break of the Heart

nikki-powellScott and I were sitting at a coffee shop this morning, enjoying fresh roasted java and I was sharing what little knowledge I’ve gained in using Twitter to develop a following for a blog.  A quick glance at FriendFeed while I pointed out different social network applications and tools revealed a friends Facebook status that conveyed the need to “pray for the Powells”.  We’ve got good friends named the Powell’s but it didn’t sink in that the prayer request was either for some tragedy or for that Powell family.

Caffeinated and nearly out of social networking tips, I decided to open up my work email.  Scott and I were nearly wrapping up our Twitter time when another reference to the Powell family in my inbox caught my eye.  Continue reading

An Abramo-Bitz family update-Tulsa…JBU…FOOOOOD

Most of my posts so far have been what I would refer to as “teaching” posts.  You know…the kind that illustrate a lesson I’ve learned about some aspect of life, faith, family or anything else I actually can pick up at my age (other than an illness).  As social networks explode, the idea of writing the same thing in 5-10 different communication vehicles seems daunting.  This blog can be a sort of central point, a repository if you will, of information about our family that our closer family, friends and support team can check periodically to see “wat up”.  Here goes attempt #1 at informing vs. teaching (maybe the latter will occur when the former is the focal point ;):

Jaclyn at U of Tulsa on a campus visit

  • Jaclyn had her first official visit to a potential post high school institution.  We visited the University of Tulsa last Friday!  It’s the smallest Division I school in the country.  Overall, she liked the school despite it’s price.  The Division I status allows the school to have an ambiance of “big school” with the benefit of a small school (enrollment of about 4,200).  God’s hand will have to be very evident for this to be the school of choice, especially re. the cost.  We shall see!
  • Leaving Tulsa, we set the car eastward and headed to Family Weekend (FW) at JBU.  This was our second An act from the JBU talent showFW after missing last year.  A better title for the weekend might be, “Take your kids out to meals off campus and make a Wal Mart run for their rooms” event.  Seriously, it was great to be together as a family on THEIR turf.  We launched the weekend “party” by attending JBU’s rendition of the Miracle Maker.  Erin was a stage hand for the play.  It was very well done though the playhouse was very small and compact.  The warmth from the body heat caused me to feel drowsy.  Saturday night was the annual talent show.  For a school that only has about 1,300 in undergraduate studies, there is a lot of talent.  Most of the talent showcased an abundance of musical ability.  A couple of the acts delivered music in a unique way.  NBC’s The Office was spoofed for the introduction of the talent.  Twas an entertaining evening.
  • Sandwiched between the cultural endeavors of the play and talent show were plenty of opportunities to dip into the wallet and fill their variety starved stomachs.  We hear frequently of the “Caf” and it’s unimaginative (and, apparently, tasteless) culinary offerings.  So, we ate elsewhere.  It seemed like that’s all we did…EAT :-).  However, as is often noted, much of learning about each other happens around a meal.  So, we enjoyed our time together around a few meals.
  • Inside Cathy's Corner
  • Sunday morning we concluded our stay by meeting at Cathy’s Corner.   For fans of the Food Networks, Diner’s, Drive-Ins and Dives, Cathy’s Corner could be one of those places that Guy visits.  Looks like an old dilapidated structure from the outside but it’s what went inside that made us happy.  Certainly not on anyone’s approved diet dining halls.  Filling and tasty!  I had the banana split waffle.  Enough sugar for the entire week.

We drove home Sunday afternoon.  That was an adventure in itself.  I once again decided to be adventurous and chart a new route home.  Unfortunately, the route was winding and so was Sue’s stomach.  That was not a good combination.  Jaclyn needed to be home by 3pm which, originally, was not even not in consideration of being violated.  But, after a wrong turn and a stubborn GPS Guide, we ended up getting home about 2:35, or about 35 minutes later than expected.  Even in our tardiness, Jaclyn was able to see God’s work around us.  She wrote this on her facebook:

Hey Guys 🙂 So I was driving home from JBU yesterday, laying in the backseat with the sun streaming over my face looking out the window as the trees and grass rolled by and I thought to myself, wow. This is beautiful. So I wanted to share my “epiphany” with you all 🙂

It’s like, I look at the earth and think, how could we not get it? God wouldn’t have made all this beauty if he didn’t love us.

He’s so enraptured by us that he wants to give us all we need. He doesn’t need to give us what we want. So often those are confused. He made this earth so we could celebrate and live in him. The earth sings his praise, why can’t I?

The earth bears the touch of his hand and so do we. So in all that is in me me I pray we experience God’s infinate love in all that is beautiful and majestic around us. Not just cosmetically beautiful, but the things that are truly beautiful, the ones unappreciated and overlooked. I pray we remember all he’s done and all he’ll do and how only a God with his radical love for us would put us in the very best of his handiwork; to experience him in the sunrises, the sunsets, and the moments in between.
Not much more needs to be said.  Have a great day in Christ!

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Christmas Hangover

In my late teens and early 20’s, Saturday’s used to be pretty ugly for me.  Mornings especially.  Without going into too much detail, let’s just say that it had a lot to do with my antics the night before.

While I no longer participate in those kind of festivities I’m feeling a little hungover today.  Sue’s parents just left and the enjoyment of their presence leaves me a little “hungover” this morning.  And, when I recount the laughs and enjoyment we’ve had as a family the last few days, I’m a little contemplative and melancholy.  I guess it’s like this every year.  We hustle and bustle our way into December 25 with so many things, including a lot of good things and then it passes leaving us a little forlorn.  Maybe that’s why the holiday season is so full of emotion on both ends of the spectrum.  So many highs but also a few lows.  And, for some, not a season of joy at all.

Those of us who follow Christ write, speak and share a lot about the “reason for the season”.  It helps keep things in perspective, at least for me.  In fact, it’s really the only cure for this hangover, isn’t it?  Aspirin won’t work.  Buying more stuff on sale with gift cards and cash received won’t do it.  Having relatives stay longer isn’t a real good idea if you want the good feeling to last ;-).  But, when all the dust settles, Christ still remains.  He is the One who won’t leave me lacking or wishing for something else.  He is the One that fills all of those longings.

So, I’ll be a little mellower today (until I have to pay bills ;), a little more sullen.  That’s OK.  That’s the Christmas hangover.  In the middle of it all, it drives me back to the depth of my desire.  It’s not in gifts, family, great deal finds or even church gatherings.  It’s solely my relationship with Jesus…the Christ-child.  Thanks, God, for being my “hangover” medication.