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Not Another Valentine Card

I’m a hopeless romantic-less (a term I’ve coined—romantless). I score about a 1 out of 5 on the romance scale or maybe a “clammy” on the dial of the Romance machine at the county fair. Poor Sue (my wife). But, last year, I tried to be clever.valentine1

I took the four days prior to Valentines day and starting with the letter “L”, brought her home a little something that started with the letter “L”. The next day it was all things that began with the letter “O”, followed by, you guessed it, “V” and finally on the big day, “E”. Now the only thing I score worse at than my romance test is my memory. Only a really soft stuffed Orangutan seems to ring a bell as one of the items I brought home.

The real victory was that I tried! I TRIED to be romantic. Fast forward to 2009–TODAY!  It’s Tuesday…4 days before another Valentine’s day and I’m looking ahead and “I got nothin”. Will I resort to just “another card”? Does anyone have anything for a poor, hopeless romantless? Please…would love to hear what you got! I’m waiting…