Respect for the Office-even in disagreement

History was made as President Barack Obama took the oath of office as the 44th President of the United States. No matter where you stand in support of him or his political agenda, the fact that our country voted in an African-American president is historic. I am resolved to pray for this president and to not do what so many did to former President George Bush…bash him. I sense that the way we can best refute the media-led portrayal of Christians as “right wing nut cases” is to not act as they acted. Regardless of how we believed President Bush responded in his duty as President, he was not afforded the same sense of respect that the nation is giving to President Obama.

Lest this become a political column, I simply wanted to make a statement that I plan on responding in support of the office and give President Obama the respect that I had prayed President Bush would receive. Additionally, I pray that a majority of Hollywood and those in the media wouldn’t incite the populace toward hatred as they did during President Bush’s administration. Prayer will be uttered that President Obama would stand for life and a moral stance that people are more important than money, as President Bush did. My conviction in all of this is that the name of Jesus Christ is lifted high and our actions as followers is a fragrant aroma to an ever increasing hostility to Christianity. We may disagree and even fight against decisions made by President Obama but I pray that in it all we remember who we really serve, at least those who call themselves Christ-followers.


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